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Inferno MTK_V1.0b Released for Volcano Box & Merapi & Inferno key Users (updated)

⊂⇒ What’s new in VolcanoBox 3.0 Aka Inferno MTK_V1.0B ? ⇐⊃

  • Solved Server Issue
    • Now you can Update your Box without any problem
  • Solved Error While using box
    • “The softdog has not been inserted or softdog has some exceptions”

Direct link [v1.0B]


VolcanoBox 3.0 Aka Inferno MTK_V1.0A Released for VolcanoBox and Merapi and Inferno key Users


>> What’s inside

  • World’s 1st Added Octa Core MTK6750 64bit Supported
    • Read Flash
    • Write Flash
    • Format
    • Read Extended information
  • Added Support for MTK6797
    • Read Flash
    • Write Flash
    • Format
    • Read Extended information
  • Added Support for MTK6755
    • Read Flash
    • Write Flash
    • Format
    • Read Extended information
  • Improved MTK6276
    • Read Flash
    • Write Flash
    • Format
  • Added Phone Hardware details Auto save as file name
    • When you read Bin file
  • Improved-MTK6592 Read Factory File
  • Improved-MTK6595 Read bin File
  • Improved-MTK6735 Imei Repair
  • Improved-MTK6580 Imei Repair
  • Improved-MTK6577 Imei Repair
  • Improved-MTK6735 Wipe Data & Cache
  • Improved-MTK6577 Wipe Data & Cache
  • Improved-MTK6580 Wipe Data & Cache
  • Improve-MTK6571 NAND Read Factory File
  • Improve-MTK6571 NAND Write Factory File
  • Improve-MTK6571 Imei Repair
  • Improve-MTK6571 Read Bin File
  • Improve-MTK6572 NAND Read Factory File
  • Improve-MTK6572 NAND Write Factory File
  • Improve-MTK6572 Read Flash file in Bin Format
  • Improve-MTK6572 Imei Repair
    • Revised Whole Imei method for all MTK
  • Improve-Logs, (for better understanding to users)
  • Improve-Performance, faster then before
  • Whole MTK Connectivity Revise.
    • New Method to connect phone,
      • Now  about 30% Faster connectivity
  • Read Factory File Revised.
    • UserData and Cache now is in Perfect Size
      • Still  h ave room for Improvement will be Improve A Lot
  • MTK Nand Engine Improved Alot
    • Added Support Dozen of MTK NAND
      • Which are Totally Not Supported on our Dearest Jaydi Soft
      • Also Totally Failed with Monkey-Donkey Team.
  • Improved Hell a lot. MTK NAND 6572 format
    • Some Flash ic with MTK NAND mt6572 was giving error and some Stuck on 100% Bootloader is solved.
  • Bug Solved
    • MTK eMMC 6582 Write flash error.
    • Usb Root, on some devices it was giving error “Root  Failed” Which is improv now.
    • Clear Virus, error code 10. has been solve d
    • Write Full Flash. error code 5, has been solve d
  • Optimized Read Factory file.
  • Improved Custom Factory Write flash.
  • Solved Write Flash Emmc MT6735 Errorcode 13.
  • Improved Write Factory File,
  • Improved, Select Partitions & Write Factory file
  • World’s 1st Added UserData and Cache Repair
    • What is it ?
      • These days Chinese Phone market is very Difficult. So many Different kind of phones & some time technicians get stuck in finding phone’s Firmware. So here we Introduce you “Repair UserData & Cache”
    • what’s it do ?
      • “Repair UserData & Cache” is simply Repair Phone’s Userdata & Cache Partitions. what kind of Fault it can repair. Please keep in mind this is “Beta”maybe some of phones are not supported.
        • Phones comes with Hang on logo
        • Phones comes with Encryption Un-successful
        • Phones Flashed but still hang on logo
        • These we tested. maybe some other problems can be solved with it.
  • Improved Factory File Write Flash
    • If phones comes with unknown baseband then you can solve it by Read Factory File from Same Faulted phone and write same factory file on Faulty phone can repair Unknown BaseBand as well as Imei,ATM Tested on EMMC devices
  • Added Support for Some MTK6592
    • There might be many MTK6592 which is not supported. We are working on it.
  • World’s 1st Added Nand Auto Re-partition Repair
  • Fix Errorcode 2 When Factory Write for MT6572
  • Fix Errorcode 54 When Factory Backup Userdata.
  • Added Factory Backup for NAND MTK6571 with Different Partition Info. from other 6571.
  • Added Factory Write for NAND 6571 with Different Partition Info. from other 6571.
  • Fix errorcode 21 when Factory Flash for NAND.
  • Fix Userdata/Cache had been backup but no log show when factory backup for emmc.
  • Fix Errorcode 5 backup Emmc phones
  • World’s 1st Added Nand Auto Re-Mount During Flash (Beta)
  • World’s 1st Added Nand Ic Replacement Match During Write Bin (Beta)
  • Added Very Sufficient Details while donig Readinfo (Extent Info)

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